Includes 30 min evening session, at least 15 images delivered in an online gallery. This session is best for families with small children who won't last long.



Includes 1-1.5 hour evening session, at least 30 digital images delivered in an online gallery. 2 locations within 5 miles apart. Best for couples and seniors, or large families who are splitting up a session.



Do you shoot weddings and newborns?

No I do not. I can refer you to a few photographers if you are interested in either of those sessions.

What time of day do you shoot?

All of my sessions are shot in the evening time usually about an hour before sunset for best lighting. I will not shoot in the middle of the day because your photos will not be like what you see on my site.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

All sessions are booked and paid for in advance so no you may not extend the session as my schedule has already been made.

Do I have to order prints through you?

You do not have to order prints from me, but I do highly suggest it so you will get professional prints that are the same color as I edit them. Store labs do not do justice to your photos.

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